Announcement of the 27th annual meeting of the KWF society for Cancer Biology, November 20 & 21, 2018

The KWF society for Cancer Biology (fka Tumor cell biology) organizes its annual two-day conference on tumor cell biology and genetics, specifically aimed at, but not exclusively for, researchers supported by KWF. This meeting provides an excellent opportunity for PhD students, postdocs and PIs to present and discuss their work, build informal networks and set up new collaborations. The KWF kankerbestrijding strongly endorses this meeting and also encourages project leaders to attend.

This year’s meeting will take place in Congreshotel De Werelt in Lunteren on October 31st and November 1, 2017.

This year’s program includes:
1.Researchers (PhD students, postdocs) presenting their data obtained within KWF kankerbestrijding funded research grants or related projects.

2.Scientific presentations by three internationally acclaimed speakers:

Prof. Dr, Walter Kolch(University College Dublin, Ireland) ‘Advancing Precision Oncology by Computational Modelling’

Prof. Dr. Jan Hoeijmakers (ErasmusMC) ‘The overwhelming impact of DNA damage on sustaining health’

Prof. Dr. Hans Bos ( UMC Utrecht) ‘Targeting Ras signalling in personalised cancer treatment’
3.Assembly of the project leaders

4.Evening entertainment